Brazilian Eletronic Music

Percussion ( Scraps ) and DJ ( Pickups )
THE SUSTAINABLE BEAT OF GROUP PATUBATÊ The raw material is recyclable. Consciouness, sustainable. On stage, the creativity of group PATUBATÊ joins music; culture, environment and art. The instruments are impressive by simplicity and innovation. They are made of cans, buckets, large barrels, pans and until parts of automobiles. The sound is unique! The timbres from plastic, aluminum, zinc or wood leave nothing to desire to the conventional instruments. The sound of the scraps inspires and leads create performances with musicians such as Maracatu, Samba, Funk, Afro, Frevo, Baião, Ijexá, Carimbó,Ciranda, Tambor de Crioula, Capoeira, House and many others. In the hands of the musicians Fred Magalhães, Fernando Mazoni, Gustavo Lavoura, Pablo Maia and the DJ Leandronik, scrap is not junk, is music. The materials used have a destination very curious when they arrive within the reach of the musicians of the group PATUBATÊ. All this scraps becomes a musical instrument. It appeared in the Capital of Brazil - Brasilia, in 1999, with influence of the works of the North Americans Stomp and Blue Man Group and Hermeto Pascoal. The Group PATUBATÊ unites creativity to the valuation of the brazilian rhythms. The performance PATUBATÊ already took its shows to all the Brazilian states and countries as United States, Portugal, Spain, Poland and African continent (Burkina Faso, Bostwana, Kenya, Cameroon and Gabon). In October the group will be acting with concerts and workshops at the Lusophony Festival and Cultural Week of China and Portuguese speaking Countries, 2011 in Macau. January 2012 recorded the first DVD in the works of the Mane Garrincha National Stadium (which will be one of the stadiums for the 2014 World Cup), which is regarded as a model of sustainability, with the sponsorship of the FAC (Support Fund for Culture ) and the Department of Culture of the Federal District. The Group will launch in November the DVD "NOISE SOUND". May/2012 the PATUBATÊ STEEL FEST participated in the Port of Spain - Trinidad & Tobago (Central America). June/2012 the 16th Group's activities opened Socioenvironmental Arena, Sound Stage in Brazil RIO + 20. The PATUBATÊ performed the National Anthem at the end of the day and introduced himself to the general public in the Arena. June 17 in Brasilia played at Project All Sounds CCBB the same day and played Watsons and Andrew Abujamrra. August and september/2012 the PATUBATÊ been on tour in Africa (Zambia) and Portugal (Lisbon and Faro), promotional activities and festivals where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its Embassies and Consulates, had an extremely important role, sponsoring the trips. PERFORMATIC SHOW Shows of group PATUBATÊ is, appearance and sonorously, unbelievable. The performances in percussion with scraps and electronic music include Brazilian and foreing rhythms with electronic timbres. Visual effects and sound are registered trademarks of the creations of the musicians. Water, light, fire, sound and movement in challenging performances explore the perceptions of the public and make the show memorable. WORKSHOPS OF MUSIC AND REFLECTION ON SUSTAINABILITY/THE ART TO RECYCLE PEOPLE More than recycle materials, to have a sustainable attitude is the essence of PATUBATÊ group. In the workshops, the musicians teach to construct instruments with recyclable material and playing Brazilian rhythms. Playful way, they stimulate the conscientious consumption and improves the quality of life in the planet. The musicians show that sustainability is to go exactly beyond itself. Is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the opportunities of future generations to meet their own needs. And, overall, still turn people to show that music is available to all. PATUBATÊ is consciousness, citizenship, art, culture and entertainment.



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